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Julatten is a stunning rural community located twenty-five kilometres west of Mossman in Far North Queensland. Julatten is surrounded by world heritage rainforest and magnificent mountains with a perfect sub-tropical climate. Nearby Mount Lewis is a scientifically significant site and attracts international students, visitors and researchers each year.

The school opened in 1924 with just one building accommodating sixteen students and their teacher. The school occupied a room in a home belonging to Mr Bill Mildren. He loaned the house to the Department of Education until Bushy Creek State School was built. The district was referred to as 'Julatten' in 1926, the name given to a railway siding that opened 7 December 1926. The siding closed 30 April 1964.

Julatten State School is located in Mareeba Shire and is supported by the local council. The school is a member of the Douglas Cluster of Schools. School staff work collaboratively with other schools in the area to ensure that we achieve the best outcomes for students. Douglas Cluster includes Mossman SS, Mossman SHS, Port Douglas SS, Miallo SS, Wonga Beach SS, Daintree SS and Alexandra Bay SS. Julatten State School participates in the small schools cross country, athletics and swimming carnivals, as well as district and peninsula sports throughout the year.

The school has ample facilities and assets. Multi-age classes are located in double classroom space. A new administration and resource building has offices, staff room, ICT room and modern library facilities. Specialist learning areas are taught in A block, the original Queenslander classroom.The amenities block is adjacent to the covered area with covered walkways to all classrooms, resource centre and easy access to playground facilities. The school also features a full size tennis-basketball court, sports oval, Prep–Year 3 playground, Year 4–6 playground structures and a kitchen garden cared for by students.

Julatten State School has an outdoor community learning garden located across the road. The learning garden features a covered picnic area with tank water, rainforest gardens, open space, and an orchard of fruit trees and vegetable patches. We are proud that our facilities allow all children to access learning opportunities that enable them to reach their full potential as students, citizens and leaders.

Education is a partnership between the home and school. Parents and teachers work together to ensure that our children achieve. Parental participation, support and confidence in our school will ensure that we are meeting the needs of the whole school community. We consider parental engagement essential and welcome your contribution to our school. All support that parents offer will positively make a difference to the lives and futures of our students.

We do encourage you to be involved, so please:

  • Ensure your child attends school every day because every day counts.

  • Provide nutritious food for brain breaks, morning tea and lunch.

  • Keep home routines for going to bed and waking up, sleep is important.

  • Develop homework routines and listen to reading daily.

  • Have regular conversations about school with your child.

  • Encourage and praise new learning.

  • Communicate with class teachers frequently.

  • Attend interviews, parade and special events.

  • Become a member of P&C - your views are important to us.

Julatten State School teaches positive behaviour for learning. We have high expectations of behaviour in class and in the playground. Julatten students are expected to follow rules for safety, respect and learning.

  • Be safe.

  • Be respectful.

  • Be a learner.

Julatten State School has a culture of positive relationships with all students and families. Our behaviour expectations are fair and inclusive. Classroom and playground rules are equitable, and based on trust, respect and clear expectations. We value diversity at our school.

Julatten State School offers a quality curriculum. Teaching and learning is planned, delivered and assessed according to the Australian Curriculum. Our school pedagogy incorporates age-appropriate strategies to ensure that every child can succeed in their learning. Explicit instruction is used to teach core subject areas. Students are explicitly taught essential literacy and numeracy skills and concepts.

Julatten State School is delivering a high standard of academic results. Learning is enhanced with information communication technology and classroom support. Our staff are constantly striving to improve their personal teaching capability through curriculum meetings and professional development.

Students have weekly specialist lessons in the Arts, Health, Physical Education and Languages Other Than English. Other learning areas are promoted such as instrumental music, choir, STEM and extra-curricular programs.

We sincerely endeavour to allow every student to develop a love of learning and self- confidence during their time at Julatten State School. Our environment is positive and nurturing. We have huge pride in our school and have a reputation for high academic achievement, outstanding student leadership, social participation and sporting prowess.

Julatten State School welcomes all new enrolments and look forward to welcoming you and your family to our school.

Last reviewed 05 February 2020
Last updated 05 February 2020